Our team has helped many clients to maintain and achieve businesses aligned security goals with sound practices.  We offer advice and support for people, process and technology to achieve your security and fraud management goals.

SecOps As A Service


SecOps (or Security Operations) is a collaborative effort between IT security and operations teams that integrates tools, processes, and technology to meet the collective goals of keeping an enterprise secure while reducing risk and improving business agility.

Organizations may not always have justification or budget for a full time cybersecurity team.  They do however need a way to bridge the gap between Security and IT Operations with shared toolsets and shared goals.  Our cybersecurity experts work with your existing IT team to apply a security focus on the end to end data processing cycle by augmenting your existing capabilities and bringing a security perspective to IT operations identifying, prioritizing, and responding to security threats faster and more effectively.

SecOps as a service provides access to cybersecurity expertise on an as needed basis either remotely or on site for a wide range of functions from strategy and planning to security administration.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services


We provide all of the classic Cybersecurity Consulting Services that are tailored to your specific needs and environment.


Program level services


Security must start with the fundamentals.  A security strategy aligned with business and user requirements is a must.  Organizations must also continue to review and improve the foundational elements of the overall security program.  We offer services to assist with this effort including:

             Security strategy development

             Policy and processes

             Program maturity assessment

             Standards gap analysis (ISO/NIST)

Compliance preparation


Offensive Security


Understanding where vulnerabilities present themselves is an important part of a risk management and security strategy.  We offer services to identify technical weaknesses and provide assistance with the remediation of these weaknesses.  Our goal isn’t just to show how you might be breached, it is to help you make sure you aren’t through services such as:

            Vulnerability Assessment

             Penetration testing

             Application Security testing

Cloud Security Posture Assessment


Security Countermeasures


Whereas there is still no silver bullet for security technology plays a large role in protection.  We can help ensure that you have the right technologies, that they are configured for the maximum benefit and they are still providing the protection you originally deployed them for and that other technologies deployed across the enterprise are not creating a weak point in your protection in the areas of:


            Data Protection


            Server and Endpoint



Cybersecurity Workforce Development


In the cyber industry we tend to follow things through their lifecycle, technology lifecycle, application development lifecycle, data lifecycle; why don’t we apply this to people?  Just like you think through the requirements for a new PC, where you might buy it, the total cost of ownership, justification for purchase, upgrades maintenance all the way through a retirement process; so we should also design a process to better attract, develop and retain our very valuable security talent.  This includes creating an understanding of the requirements from multiple perspectives, from HR to hiring managers, talent search and interview techniques, onboarding, mentoring, development plans and career mapping.


Our Approachutilizes a standard consulting cycle, based on classic problem solving.  We Identify, clarify & validate problem areas through a series of discussions and interviews we will listen to your team and document findings, establish future state expectations and deliver recommendations and actions to get to where you would like to be within a specified timeframe and set reasonable milestones and timelines.


Security Enablement

"Security Enablement is the practice of infusing cybersecurity skill sets into ALL of the IT and technical professionals within the enterprise so that security best practices are deployed throughout the entire technology lifecycles of enterprise applications, products and services" -


Let us help identify and align your needs with people and plans to enable your security program


Fraud Prevention and Detection Services


Personal information and financial transactions have long been the targets of fraud.  There are now direct links between cyber attacks and fraudulent activity.  We can provide a better understanding of fraud controls, investigation methods and how to identify and resolve  potential fraud situations.  We offer a variety of resources including internal controls, control testing, separation of duties, and process documentation to help you detect and prevent fraud.

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